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Evangeline D.

Marilena A.

I am very thankful that I have met Dahnisha. Her coaching and mentorship is a game changer! Dahnisha gladly walked me through the process of creating my coaching business. Her leadership, creativity and genuine interest to help me and see me successful as a coach and entrepreneur makes her unique. I would highly recommend to book her if you need help with business building or developing your leadership skills.

Lesli B.

I just wanted to say it was such a blessing talking to you today.

You truly added value to me today and I wanted you to know that I appreciate you. I would love to stay connected.

Evangeline D.

Dahnisha is an amazing person. She is very kind, extremely intelligent and very well spoken. I met her during a John Maxwell session and we immediately got along very well. I recently asked Dahnisha some advice about a situation and gave some positive feedback on how to improve the situation. What I like most about her advice is she acknowledges the problem however, she focuses on thinking about the positives on what I can learn from the event and ways to move forward to overcome that situation. Her action plans on how to move forward are detailed and applicable. If you don't understand something, she will explain it in a way that makes sense. I highly recommend that you talk with Dahnisha!