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How We Got Here

Dahnisha Adams is a seasoned writer with over 30 years of experience in exploring fictional short stories and poetry. She later discovered her love for non-fiction writing as a coping mechanism for herself, hoping to find answers to the challenges she was enduring. Her first book, "Connect the Dots: Discovering Self-Love With Skin Imperfections," was published in February 2019 to help her cope with a severe skin condition called Keloids. After writing her book, she founded Donnie's Dots, a platform to uplift, inspire, guide, and provide solutions to the community.

Ms. Adams was born at Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC, where she has grown with the family business in Early Childhood Development for over 30 years, assisting in operations, marketing, and enrollment. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Additionally, she holds certifications in lesson planning, growth and development from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education in Washington, DC, and the Maryland State Department of Education. In later years, she continued her career in marketing, special events, and promotions at Maryland Live Casino & Hotel. Ms. Adams also provided support in her marketing, sales, and proposal coordinator role with a construction engineering company, where she served on a committee for mentoring and empowering women in the industry. Ms. Adams is unforgettable when she enters a room, as she radiates love, wisdom, and positive energy. As an independent certified coach, speaker, teacher, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, Dahnisha Adams devotes herself to God, family, friends, and her career. When she is not working, Ms. Adams enjoys dancing, painting, writing, reading, and more. Additionally, she commits herself to First Baptist Church of Glenarden, serving in the liturgical dance ministry, discipleship programs, mentorship programs as an assistant facilitator, and to her beloved Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

Today, Dahnisha's purpose is to be a compassionate and wise presence in the world. She approaches circumstances and situations around her with reason, intuition, and discernment, always striving to see things the way they are. Her ability to ask the right questions and derive the best strategies is balanced by her intuition and capacity. Her highest and best contribution can only be made in situations where there is a significant and constant need for loving wisdom.

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