International Recognition

If I may so myself. It feels pretty *Bleep* good to be acknowledged and recognized internationally! So let me briefly toot my horn because moments like this remind me daily (even on my most discouraging days) that even if people don't "like" your social media posts that people are paying attention. So keep going!

Carla, my dearest sweetheart from France, has a blog called Keloing_it! This blog is dedicated to women and men of all ethnicities battling keloids exhibiting their scars, and sharing their stories. It is a phenomenal concept because she is choosing to use her platform to share the spotlight on others opposed to herself.

One day, Carla came out of left field, reaching out to me and asked if I'd be willing to share my journey with keloids on her platform. I am humbled, flattered & sciced(excited) alllllll at the same time! Like, "Ya girl is now, internationally known!"

Moments after Carla posted the blog on her website AND highlighted it on her Instagram page, other people from all over began to send me messages where we had detailed conversations about their life, where they were from and their skin condition. For most people, it is easy talking about themselves as they appear "normal." Some individuals simply don't like the attention at all because it may give them anxiety. When you have a skin condition that cannot be easily removed, if at all- it can be a toss up, as you have high or low vibrational days.

The highlight for me is, now having more of a leverage to continue encouraging others to have courage.

My sincerest gratitude to Carla for allowing me the opportunity as we are in this together. Our mission at Donnie's Dots is to normalize skin conditions and skin related issues. We want to be the voice for those that aren't quite ready to share how it feels to have a skin condition that will never really go away. Sharing pictures of your skin condition is equivalent to sharing you have a permanent STD. Although skin conditions are not contagious, that is the intense sensation that we experience.

If you are not the person with a skin condition but maybe you have a close relationship with someone who has one, share this read with them. We recognize those without the skin condition may not really know what to say but your thoughtfulness in sharing this blog is a sentiment of compassion.


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